5 Date Night Ideas [That Don’t Involve Going to the Movies]

Getting ready for a date night? Whether it’s your first date, or one of many, the question is: what will you do? It’s easy to default to the classics, like going to a movie or out for coffee, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But if you’re looking for something more unique, these are some fun options.

Take a Dance Lesson

Take a two-step in the right direction and book a dance lesson with your partner! Not only is dancing an excellent way to get moving, but it’s also a wonderful way to connect. When you dance, you’re close: your eyes meet, your bodies touch, and you’re moving together with trust. Anaheim, CA has a number of excellent dance studios to choose from!

Take a Cooking Class

Spice things up with a cooking class! Cooking together can increase communication skills, encourage teamwork, and help you to discover new things about each other! Besides, who doesn’t love to eat great food?

Go on a Winery or Brewery Tour

All that wine and beer at the restaurants and stores has to come from somewhere! Winery and brewery tours are great ways to learn something new and enjoy some new experiences all at the same time. Orange County has some amazing wineries and breweries for all tastes, so hop to it!

See a Concert or Local Show

Tune into each other’s tastes at a concert or local show! Whether you’re seeing a favorite act or experiencing something new together, concerts make great dates. What’s more, they’ll also give you something to talk about after!

Pick Up a New Hobby Together

New hobbies can provide a great way to spend more time together! You don’t both have to like the first thing you choose. That’s part of the adventure: finding something you can both enjoy together! If you’re fitness focused, try something like rock climbing. If you’re more artistically inclined, take a pottery class. Want to get outside? Rent a kayak! The most important thing is that you choose something together.

Start or End Your Date at Georgia’s Restaurant

You can’t enjoy a date on an empty stomach! Make Georgia’s Restaurant a part of your date experience and enjoy some great soul food before you go!